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The motorcar/bike would be singularly the most influential effect on humanity in the 19th and 20th Centuries if not in all time.

The motorcar/bike gave mankind not only mobility with all of its benefits but directly created so many essential industries and commerce that then created employment and wealth. It also gave birth to the petroleum age, another giant in its own right.

The natural inclination of man to ‘invent’, and find a better way, has been beautifully demonstrated during the evolution of the automobile and internal combustion engine. People started experimenting with the possibility of an engine way back in the 17th century attempting to harness the explosive power of many fuels such as coal dust, gun powder, and air hydrogen mixtures.

Many brilliant engineers continued to develop this idea until in 1823 Samuel Brown patented the first internal combustion engine to be used in industry. But it was perhaps Karl Benz in 1886 that has been credited for the ‘modern’ four stroke and two stroke engine.

It is amazing that although there have been many developments to the internal combustion, four stroke engine they still employ the same principle of containing an explosion of flammable material (petroleum in most cases) and harnessing the power of this explosion to create a reciprocating action and harness it to a drive shaft to give a forward motion.

Indeed this primary invention changed humanity forever. For these reasons let us celebrate its history and the new world the motor vehicles created at GARAGE CLASSICS of Williamstown.