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RIP | Ex-Works Ducati Desmo 1967 250cc

One of approximately 25 built (6 x 350cc, the rest 250cc), this Ducati raced in practice at the Italian GP in 1968 by Bruno Spaggiari. Six were exported to Australia in 1969. Purchased by Charles Clancy of Kinglake in the early 1970s, unfortunately this bike was destroyed along with many other classic motorbikes and cars in the 2009 fires at Kinglake. The Ducati was parked next to a 500cc Norton and this is all that remains of both bikes... You can see at the bottom of the Ducati RHS, the Norton piston is melted into the aluminium from the two bikes. Charles was one of the lucky ones--he survived and was able to save his home.


Organised Motorcycling | Video

Do you think this could be a Guinness Book of Records first?



Men who lack supervision...

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